There are many wonderful options for Disc Golf in the region and I think that once you play the courses in the area that you’ll think so too.

During the year we have many beautiful days to get out and play Disc Golf out in our county and state parks. It is a relaxing, healthy, learning, social and enjoyable experience for Disc Golfers of all skill ranges. The parks are in great shape and the courses are well maintained.

Disc Golfers in Central Maryland are the nicest people that you can meet while playing a new sport created to challenge the mind, body and spirit. Most of us are average players getting our rounds in between work and home life. There are many players that I have met that are very interested in “Growing the Sport” and they show up at leagues, tournaments and casual rounds ready to play on a daily basis. We have a lot of Disc Golf being played in the region and the sport is getting the attention of Park Managers throughout the region as a major attraction for guests to their facilities. Which is a huge win for our sport. Go team Disc Golf!

If you’re new to the sport then it may well be one of the greatest kept secrets for burning calories after sitting behind a desk all day. You get great cardio while focusing on the game. In fact, many players lose track of time on the course and it’s not unheard of being out on a course for 2-3 hours for a round. If you play 18 holes regularly – three to four times per week – you will lose weight. I’ve lost 34 pounds in eight months – just playing Disc Golf. Yes. Yes. Yes.

So cool. You’re here and I’m glad that you stopped by. Check out the information that I’m putting together and get started learning about all we have to offer to Disc Golfers all throughout Central Maryland. Enjoy the outdoors and throw some plastic!

Happy Disc Golfing!